Our Church

We are a ministry founded on biblical principles. We serve in the spirit of excellence with integrity and compassion for our community, our nation, and our world. We have established a reputation for reaching the lost and broken and to minister and serve them with the utmost level of dignity and respect.

Welcome to Christ Gospel Church Of Patterson, LA

Reverends Anthony and Leslie Baham have been members of Christ Gospel Church since they were at a young age. They were married in 1990 and have three children, two sons and one daughter. Reverends Baham have been the pastors of the Christ Gospel Church in Patterson since 2004. Though Rev. Anthony Baham grew up in(…)

Notes on Prayer

The Holy Ghost can help us when we do not know how to pray because He knows God, and He knows our hearts, which we do not know.

These following things are what the Holy Ghost knows:

  • He knows the Mind (khaw-shab) of God’s Spirit, which is God’s Divine Weaver Mind that manifests all forms of Truth through His Only Begotten Son. He unfolds all True Images of Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, and Prudence.
  • He knows all images of wrong desires in our lover hearts; therefore, with His floods of Intercession and Groanings, He washes them away.
  • He knows the desires we should have, so He fills our lover hearts with His Holy Desires for the Son of God and the Heavenly Father.
  • He knows that we know not how to pray for God’s Purposive Will and Master Plan, so He prays through us in pow-gab Intercession, in other tongues.
  • He knows that we are not competent judges of what is best for us, so He prays for the best for us, in Intercession (paw-gah), in other tongues. Thanks be unto God for the Holy Ghost Who intercedes through us when we surrender to His Ministry. Our mortal mentality, which we have inherited from the first Adam, prevents us from knowing how to pray as we ought. But the Holy Ghost helps us by praying in and through us. Consequently, the Holy Ghost and Fire keep the Holy Fire of godliness burning on the altar in our lover hearts. This is how we keep the Fire burning – through intercession (paw-gah) in the Spirit!

Notes on Prayer from July Convention 2009, Rev. B.R. Hicks